Antelos® R-KY XD reactive inks

  • Reactive inks "Made in Germany” for Kyocera® printheads
  • Outstanding colour strength and fastness properties
  • Deepest black available on the market
  • Enhanced anti-nozzle-clogging formulation technology
  • Reproducible and consistent print results on cotton, viscose, silk and wool
  • Based on standard reactive dyes used in conventional textile printing
  • Contribution to sustainable digital textile printing
  • Meeting leading ecological requirements


Antelos Yellow R-KY XD
Antelos Cyan R-KY XD
Antelos Orange R-KY XD
Antelos Grey R-KY XD
Antelos Scarlet R-KY XD
Antelos Black R-KY XD
Antelos Red R-KY XD
Antelos Black R-KY UXD
Antelos Magenta R-KY XD
Antelos Black R-KY SXD
Antelos Purple R-KY XD
Antelos Deep Black R-KY XD
Antelos Blue R-KY XD

Antelos Infusion R-KY

Transparent penetration liquid for excellent through-printing results

Antelos Cleaner

Highly efficient systematic cleaner for digital printer machines

Antelos Conditioner

Standard cleaning and conditioning agent for daily digital printer maintenance

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